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LiteracyPlanet is a breakthrough English literacy platform that is empowering educators and students in classrooms and homes around the world. And it's amazing!

  • Curriculum-aligned
  • Gamified-learning
  • Caters to children aged 3-15


improvement of students using 5 literacy strands


performance improvement in national standardised tests


improvement with just 30 minutes of use per week

Power packed

Engaging content

High-quality educational activities packaged within a captivating, gamified environment. Learning comes naturally when students want to be involved and are supported in their academic achievement through reward and recognition.

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting tools help teachers and home educators monitor student progress and learning outcomes. Track individual or class achievement per activity or across each literacy strand. Quickly identify learning gaps that need attention, either through intervention or differentiation.


Mapped to core curriculum standards, LiteracyPlanet helps teachers and home educators meet the literacy needs of each student in their classroom. The easy-to-use Curriculum Alignment Tool enables educators to tailor literacy instruction in alignment with curriculum outcomes.

Automatic feedback

Students receive real-time feedback so they can quickly see where they have made errors, and how what they know corresponds to what they need to know. Recognition for achievement at all levels of accuracy encourages repetition until a high level of proficiency is achieved.

Use it your way

LiteracyPlanet gives educators the tools to create personalised learning pathways that scaffold the literacy skills of every student, no matter their age or ability.

With access to your personal reporting dashboard, you have the ability to easily track student progress, use real-time data to differentiate instruction and ensure continuous progress in reading and writing development.

Most of all, your teaching and learning goals are supported by a rewards-based platform that you and your students will love.

The future of learning is gamified

The study, carried out by PwC discovered that students who completed four assigned exercises per month improved their literacy skills by 77%.

The strongest, most consistent rates of improvement were seen in students between Years 3 and 6.

After only 30 exercises, the gap in average scores between students in the bottom 25% and students in the next best group reduced by over 70%.

Interested? Download the report to find out more.

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