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Monk Sales for Sales for sale sale in Tokyo

Monk in Tokyo


Monk in Tokyo


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Monk in Tokyo came about as a result of Sony Japan's recording of his quartet's Tokyo appearance during h is summer 1963 Japanese tour. The quartet at the time was that of Charlie Rouse, Butch Warren and Frankie Dunlop, virtually the same line-up that was on Columbia's Criss-Cross studio date of spring, 1963 (Warren had recently replaced John Ore). The identity of the drummer on a Monk date was always central to the flavour of the music, and Frankie Dunlop 's cheerful lope gave this Monk group a happy, lopsided grin at that favourite Monkish medium tempo, bringing out the gregarious side of Rouse as well as making Thelonious himself sound endlessly puckish, tripping through his standard repertoire of compositions. This is not the first appearance of this music on Columbia--it originally came out on an early 1980s gatefold vinyl twofer, and Columbia Masterworks put it onto CD a couple of years ago--but this is the best-sounding reissue to date. There are no extra tracks. "i"--Keith Shadwick

Monk in Tokyo

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